Never take Feliks shopping or let him take you shopping. In either scenario you will be the one carrying the bags. All of them - to the extent that the sheer weight and magnitude of bags will cut off the blood supply to your arms and if you don’t find somewhere to sit down you will pass out.

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-Sorry but this is an impromptu and completely spontaneous visit.-


[Opens door] Oh … Arthur, good evening. 

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(ptttsss, it's hesse not saxony in the art which has little germany)

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I can see your Ludwig clicking his pen subconsciously when he gets nervious

[Yup yup~]

Nobody should give the Germans or any other country shit for putting a lot of effort into their Easter celebrations. That’s more than I can bloody say for England.

We’ve probably lost much of it, and now all we have, or perhaps all we ever had, is a church visit and egg-hunting in the back garden. Oh, and maybe some rabbit activities for the kiddies. Now the religious meaning’s gone to hell for the most part, there’s almost nothing left except the entertainment and merchandise factor, again mostly aimed at little ones. No clear indication of anything to celebrate, no real sense of community celebration or festivity (that I’m aware of anyway). Just an excuse to stuff your face with chocolate for a day.

I wish we’d really really taken on board the pagan origin that is maintained in other countries (e.g.: Germany) and actually given a shit for longer than we clearly have. Maybe we might have given it more attention. There’s no effort, no sense of anything… just another holiday we’ve let fall through the cracks.

Happy days!!

What is your honest opinion of the mun?

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From rolling wheels filled with burning hay down a hill, to waiting for a fox to bring eggs, The Local List this week looks at the nine best German Easter traditions.

The Easter season starts in earnest on Thursday with Maundy Thursday marking the last meal…

This all seems like a lot of work…Germans are such over-achievers. 

No, they are just dedicated to carrying on tradition.They care about their culture. So what if it takes a lot of work? Surely all the better! Props to them. 


Deutsches Jungvolk of the Hitlerjugend

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Zweisamkeit [Closed AU College RP alfred-f-jones-world-hero]



Ludwig smiled. Alfred was so kind to him. It made him happy, but at the same time an awful sting jabbed into him — 'And I've lied to him…but I cannot…'

"Oh, Alfred… I have to do something special for you when I leave here. I mean the hospital. Thank you." He was grateful, but deep inside he knew he didn’t deserve the American’s kindness. Soon Alfred wouldn’t be smiling at him like that …

He was about to say more, when the custodian entered and gave him his lunch a la tray. It looked nice - whether it tasted so was another thing altogether. His father had complained non-stop about the food quality while in hospital himself, but Ludwig couldn’t quite be sure whether this was due to the food actually being bad or his father having his standards far too high … or just because his father wanted (and liked) to have something to complain about.

He thanked the woman, and she left. “This looks good,” he said, with a smile, turning to Alfred again. “Oh - ja, I’ll be fine. You go eat.” He paused for thought a moment. He felt rather sheepish asking. But he couldn’t say ‘nothing’. That would be odd, and, knowing Alfred, he would probably bring something anyway. “…Would I be allowed to have my laptop here? I’d feel bad having you do my work for me. And … a few books would be good, too… staring at the ceiling will only be fun for so long.” He chuckled a little, mindful of his face.


"Yah, I can get your laptop and some books, no problem." He smiled. "It should not take me too long, well unless I hit the lunch rush hour traffic. I would have brought it in the first place if I knew you were in any condition to type. You won’t be able to email your it in here, but I can do it for you back home. They don’t want wireless signals in here." Alfred waited till the custodian left. "So don’t get caught with your cell phone on either." He leaned over and gently kissed the top of Ludwig’s head then stood to go. "I will be back shortly." He grabbed his jacket off the back of the chair and left the room.


After grabbing a bite to eat at the local McDonald’s, Alfred went back to the condo. He quickly found Ludwig’s laptop and perused his collection of books. They all looked well read, so he was not sure if Ludwig had read them already or was willing to read them again. Alfred opted instead to go to his own collection and make a few different selections there. He chose books that were similar in genre or by the same author as the ones Ludwig had. He also grabbed a photocopy of one of his journals from the revolutionary war. He had recalled Ludwig having an interest in it when they had first met. Once everything was secure in a bag, he began back to the hospital.


Ludwig smiled as Alfred exited, but soon he was not smiling anymore. He lay back in bed and closed his good eye, putting a hand over his eyes. What was he going to do? He had lied to his boyfriend, but if he ever revealed the truth there would be absolute hell to pay. Alfred would no doubt never trust him again. Ludwig doubted the American would even love him the same again…if at all. Ludwig had told little white lies to keep the peace or solve situations before, but never something like this. It was huge, and it was dangerous.

But, he thought, what was the alternative? A frankly murderous boyfriend who had no qualms about getting blood on his hands as long as the perpetrator paid. That was not an option either. By lying, he assured no-one had to die, and no-one (only really applicable to himself - he doubted extremely that Alfred would be at all affected by the murder) was psychologically scarred by anything. 

By lying, both of them were safe … as long as Alfred never found out.  He couldn’t stand it. This was so damn hard! Every time he analysed his decision he always felt he was wrong, but necessity overrode his emotions. 

'I can do this.' Ludwig told himself. ‘I have to do this. Even if it hurts, even if Alfred finds out somehow, I have to do this. This is the best way. I just need to live with it… I can do it.’

He realised Alfred would be back soon, so he picked up his plastic spoon and began to tuck into his lunch as best he could before his boyfriend arrived.



"Happy", Dresden edition #2