Cherry Boy blues [Germany/Italy doujishi]

Personally I think this is most touching doujinshi I’ve read so far centering on Germany. And Germany and Italy’s friendship, and what it means for Ludwig as an individual rather than as a nation. 

Ludwig is different, even from those he would call ‘comrades’, and is more alone than they or anyone could guess. He isn’t part of the crowd, but standing awkwardly on the sidelines while they snigger and make comments about how weird he is because of it.

Though I look like I’m lecturing,
I’m actually just talking
It’s not really…
At times my face may look grim,
But I’m actually just cold
Though I don’t mind it…

He doesn’t like carousing, drinking, or picking up women for cheap sex like many of his peers. He doesn’t follow the crowd. 

Though they say I eat only potatoes,
They’re the same with soba and pasta

But one person likes him regardless, even because of that, and wants to spend time with him, and it means the whole world to Ludwig. It saves him from succumbing to the pressure of others just to feel some semblance of belonging and acceptance.


I want to be found

He doesn’t need to anymore, because now he has someone with whom he can be who he is and feel right and proud in and of himself.

My heart is opening, I want to be set free

Because you are here

I can be myself.